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Mobile Payments

By 2023, 47% of all retail transactions could be done on a digital device. Behind the scenes, card issuers, merchants, and mobile wallet providers now need to ensure mobile transactions with these tokenized cards are every bit as secure as with chips.


... at the register, the transition to digitized payments has been a struggle. Smart phone manufacturers are winning big with proprietary mobile wallets that hold app-makers and card issuers hostage. To secure and authenticate each tokenized transaction on the device-maker’s hardware chip, issuers are racked with sky-high fees.

MC Token Shield

MC Token Shield delivers 100% device-independent hardware-grade security for mobile payments, without typical hardware complexity and constraints.

Freedom from Complexity

App-makers and card issuers are no longer beholden to the delayed release cycles and device-specific integration issues of the big handset manufacturers. MagicCube’s hardware-free, device-independent mobile payment security platform helps card issuers tokenize and protect 1M+ payment cards without the limitations of hardware chips.

  • Integrate with any app using a single API
  • Easily provision and update remotely over-the-air
  • PC-DSS Level 1 SP Certified

Freedom from Constraints

For years, big mobile device makers have been holding the payments industry hostage. If you wanted to store a tokenized card on their device, you paid a high price – until now. MC Token Shield puts you back in control of payment security.

  • Device-independent. Secure your app on any smartphone or tablet
  • No more costly deals with mobile device manufacturers
  • Tokenize millions of cards with ease