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Connected Cars

By 2020, one in five vehicles on the road will have some form of wireless network connection¹. The need to protect driver data and vehicle performance grows with each connected car that hits the grid. In fact, device security in connected cars can literally be a matter of life and death.

Inside each car...

... a tangled network of subsystems sits vulnerable to attack: infotainment system, braking systems, in-car payment systems. These Electrical components (ECUs) link to each other, to a central ECU, and back to the outside world through the driver’s mobile device, or directly via other network interfaces. Some are protected by hardware from different suppliers with different compatibility challenges, while others go without security entirely.

MC Vehicle Shield

MC Vehicle Shield delivers 100% device-independent hardware-grade security for the most critical parts of the autonomous vehicle and connected car ecosystem, without typical hardware complexity and constraints, and can even augment current systems that have no current security.

Freedom from Complexity

Each connected car subsystem presents its own unique challenges: upfront material costs, complicated hardware integration and expensive aftermarket updates. MagicCube’s hardware-free platform makes integration easy and limits costly recalls.

  • Integrate with subsystems using a single API
  • Avoid chip recalls with aftermarket updates managed live over-the-air

Freedom from Constraints

Hardware has a long list of limitations: licensing, incompatibility, manufacturer requirements and more. MC Vehicle Shield puts you back in control of your own app security.

  • Device-independent. Secure critical manufacturer subsystems
  • No more OEM / tech provider compatibility issues
  • Eliminates hardware material bill
  • No more delayed releases