NEW YORK, Jan. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MagicCube the company that created the Software Defined Trust (SDT) category and developed I-Accept the softPOS payment solution is excited to announce that it's partnering with MobiWire Group a global ODM player designing, developing, manufacturing and selling mobile phones and IoT terminals.

Mobiwire will work exclusively with MagicCube on SoftPOS and Tap-to-Pay solutions in the North American market, cementing the secure delivery of payment's last mile without the need for dedicated hardware.

i-Accept leverages Mobiwire NFC devices capabilities, and the unique placement of the NFC the front top of the devices, a killer combination for creating a unique user experience. The combined product accepts contactless payments from any NFC-enabled debit or credit card from any of the four major card brands as well as from smart devices such as smartphones, watches, wristbands, etc.,. i-Accept allows for capturing PIN on the Mobiwire device screen without scrambling or shuffling the PED keys, making the transaction experience intuitive and efficient for the customer thereby increasing customer throughput for concessions, theaters, arenas, amusement parks, and other high-volume use cases. These capabilities make this combined solution a true seamless user experience.

"This is the breakthrough we have been waiting for," says Olivier TIENNAULT, Technical Director of MobiWire SAS, NFC expert. "We design our Mobiwire products and select our technology partners to offer the best possible user experience to end customers, and transparent integrations and affordable solutions to help merchants focus their time and investment on managing customers instead of fighting with outdated or inappropriate tools."

"We are committed to our goal of freeing merchants from the cost and the handicap of legacy dedicated devices, but for those large retailers and enterprises who need to own multi-purpose versatile devices for consistency of performance and device management, we are offering these options in partnership with our carefully selected partner Mobiwire", says MagicCube's CEO and cofounder Sam Shawki  "Mobiwire is covering a big gap in what the Tap to Pay market needs: a well-built smart device with a powerful NFC chip, optimally integrated, well placed at the front and marked, therefore preventing the confusion of looking for the right place to tap a card on almost all other devices out there"

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