Latin American mobile payment provider YellowPepper and MagicCube, creator of the world’s only Software Trusted Execution Environment (sTEE), have united to bring a complete software solution protecting mobile and other connected devices to Latin America and the Caribbean. The solution will protect token-based service deployments from advanced threats.

MagicCube technology allows for large-scale deployments and management of IoT and mobile-secure solutions to consumers. Their sTEE platform provides a secure in-app container shielding data, logic, and cryptographic operations on the device while facilitating massive deployment and remote management.

“Security is at the core of everything we do at YellowPepper and it’s evident that we cannot solely rely on traditional encryption and obfuscation methods,” YellowPepper founder and CEO Serge Elkiner said. “The partnership with MagicCube not only gives our solutions market leading security and ease of management but it’s also perfectly aligned with our strategy to partner with outstanding security technologies and bring them to our markets.”

“Through this partnership with YellowPepper, we will enable the storage and protection of high value credentials on mobile and connected devices without the impediment of relying on hardware,” MagicCube cofounder and CEO Sam Shawki said. “The partnership also expands our reach into new markets where YellowPepper has a commanding market share, increasing the deployments and usage of our platform.”

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