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PIN on Glass

Merchants around the world have long-relied on Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals with sophisticated hardware to protect card-based transactions. In 2016 alone, credit, debit and pre-paid card purchases accounted for over $257 billion globally.
Yet many small businesses simply can’t afford these expensive POS terminals and opt for cash or check instead. In fact, it’s estimated that refusing cards costs U.S-based small businesses $100 billion in sales each year.

But change is coming

New regulations in point-of-sale card acceptance will transform the way merchants can transact. Customers will soon enter their PIN directly onto a merchant’s consumer-grade phone or tablet; no need for specialized POS hardware, only the mobile device the merchant already own. It’s called “PIN on glass”, and it could unlock new card-based sales for merchants, banks and payment networks while liberating small businesses around the globe.

MC Screen Shield

MC Screen Shield delivers hardware-grade security and cloud monitoring services for the new age of “PIN on glass” payments, without typical hardware complexity and constraints.

Freedom from Complexity

For years, smaller businesses have been held hostage by POS hardware manufacturers. Expensive contracts and leasing agreements plus soaring cost of ownership put revenue from card-based transactions out of reach. MC Screen Shield puts you back in control at the point-of-sale.

  • No more costly deals with POS terminal manufacturers
  • No hardware to maintain means lower lifetime cost of ownership
  • Unlock new revenue from card-based transactions

Freedom from Constraints

Larger merchants have relied on chip-based POS systems to secure their debit transactions for decades, while smaller ones either dealt with the awkwardness of signature verification, or just refused cards altogether. MagicCube’s hardware-free platform helps merchant’s ditch the expensive card-reader and modernize how their customers transact.

  • Device-independent. Merchants use existing smartphone or tablet
  • Integrate with any app using a single API
  • Easily provision mobile POS devices remotely over-the-air
  • PC-DSS Level 1 SP Certified