When talking payments, there’s one topic of conversation that comes hand in hand: security. And, of course, the players who are bringing innovations into the market to secure data and transactions between devices — and on the cloud.

And that’s exactly MagicCube’s mission — a mission that will be highlighted by Founder and CTO Nancy Zayed, who will be joining PYMNTS on the Protecting Payments At The Edge panel at Innovation Project, where she’ll join other security experts to dig into the challenges in payments security today.

MagicCube was cofounded by Zayed and CEO Sam Shawki and is a platform for securing data exchange between devices and the cloud. Its patented software-only technology serves its role in the financial ecosystem by stopping digital transaction fraud where, according to MagicCube, most vulnerabilities can be found today: at the endpoint.

And it does so with software solutions that eliminate the need for costly hardware deployments.

To better understand what challenges payments innovators face when it comes to security risks, PYMNTS spoke with Shawki and Zayed about what their solution brings to the table and what others in the industry should know. Read More