How MagicCube Works

MagicCube is designed to protect mobile & IoT apps against 200+ mobile & IoT threats and attacks including cloning, lifting, man-in-the-middle, tampering, spoofing, denial of service, impersonation and repudiation. The MagicCube platform offloads the burden of security and certification requirements, enabling your organization to focus on its core competencies.

Unlike white box encryption and other standalone or stitched together solutions, MagicCube is one platform that takes advantage of multiple types and layers of encryption, obfuscation, tokenization, secure transport, and a designed-for-purpose set of countermeasures.

MagicCube’s leading edge patented technology is built entirely in software, speeding deployment and reducing costs compared to legacy chip, SIM card and TPM based solutions.

MagicCube deploys rapidly on a massive scale using easy-to-implement APIs and SDKs.

The Future of Digital Transaction Security

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