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Frequently asked questions

What is MagicCube?

MagicCube is a full platform that secures digital transactions on mobile and IoT devices. It creates a secure environment, even inside insecure systems, to protect the integrity of electronic transactions, allowing the safe storage and exchange of sensitive data on device, in the cloud, and in transport.

How does MagicCube work?

MagicCube creates a secure environment within any device, independent of its hardware or operating system, to secure the storage and exchange of sensitive data between devices and the cloud. As MagicCube on the device is built in software, its deployment is faster and more cost-effective than hardware-based solutions, and offers unmatched flexibility: it can be easily updated to adapt to new use cases or to quickly respond to imminent threats.

Do consumers need to download a separate application?

No. MagicCube’s SDK is embedded in apps that need enhanced security, such as digital commerce and banking. Consumers do not need to download anything extra for MagicCube’s security. MagicCube runs in the background of apps to secure storage and to exchange sensitive data with the cloud.

How does MagicCube integrate with apps?

MagicCube can easily integrate with any app, independent of the device or operating system it was created for, using a simple, secure and small set of APIs. The APIs are precise yet ubiquitous, and offload the burden of intricate security implementation from development teams.

Does MagicCube work on any device?

The MagicCube SDK works on any smart device independent of its hardware or operating system.

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