The secret key to the Internet of Things

In 2000, Professor Neil Gershenfeld director of MIT labs published a book called “When things start to think” and while it was more about artificial intelligence, it really had a lot to say about wearables and their ability to sense, respond and communicate with their environment.

Why Apple Needs to Power and Secure Swiss Watches Instead

Back in September, I wrote on how skeptical I was that a piece of technology would replace a fashionable accessory. Several months have passed and, although we do not have the Apple Watch on our wrists yet, I’m still convinced that fashion is very personal and that the utility of the object is not what…

If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them…The Apple Pay Formula

A lot has been said about the newly launched Apple Pay, a new category of service that promises to transform the mobile payments industry with an easy, secure and private way to pay. This sector has had several starts and stops within the last few years and so far has failed to reach consumer and merchant adoption at the success rate that meets such hyped expectations.