Who We Are

MagicCube was founded to transform mobile security.


Mobile security today is fundamentally challenged. It consists of two general approaches. A hardware approach relies on a hardware element (e.g. a chip in a device). A hardware approach is device-specific, involves multiple parties and often results in loss of customer data to a third party. It is also very costly, time-consuming and complex. The other approach uses software such as encryption. Encryption is important but is only a piece of mobile security. Encryption by itself is vulnerable and requires stitching together disparate solutions, resulting in fragmented and partial coverage.

MagicCube provides a fundamentally better approach to mobile security that combines the best of hardware and software security – we provide hardware-grade security for mobile via software to protect sensitive data and code in mobile apps.  MagicCube has built a software Trusted Execution Environment (sTEE) with highly advanced on-device and cloud components for end-to-end mobile security. MagicCube provides numerous advantages that make it compelling for mobile apps that handle sensitive data or transactions.

What makes us unique?

The MagicCube solution secures digital transactions on any device, in transit, and in the cloud with the same level of security as device hardware solutions without the complexity and cost associated with hardware deployments.


Our team brings a unique mix of skills and deep domain expertise in securing large-scale digital transactions and building complex platforms for mobile devices and embedded systems.