Principal Embedded Platform Engineer/Architect updated 2/7/2017

– What You Will Be Doing
You will be architecting, designing, implementing, and integrating our technology
on multiple platforms such as Android, Embedded Linux, iOS, and others.
You will also be responsible for platform API design and implementation.
What You Need for this Position
• Must possess at least a BS in EE/CS or a related discipline. A post-grad
degree (MS, Phd) is great but will only count if there are several-years of
professional experience behind it.
• No telecommuting or remote-office options at this time.
• Deep experience in developing mobile and embedded software on multiple
platforms. Having experience on platforms in addition to iOS and Android
is actually a big advantage.
• Deep experience in Framework and API design and architecture
• Deep experience have developed and shipped professional grade SDKs
• Intimately familiar with Android SDK JNI-NDK, Android device internals
• Comfortably familiar with iOS device platform
• Deep expertise in NIX* development at an OS level
• Expert level in software and algorithm performance tuning
• Must be fluent in POSIX multi-threaded development, with mastery level
of using pthread API, socket programming ..etc.
• 10+ experience coding in C/C++, gdb, GNU toolchain, git, repo, Java,
gradle, openembedded, yocto, multiple assembly languages (readability and
potentially light assembly coding)
• Big Plus: you can write very simple mobile apps for the purpose of sample
Personal Traits
• Takes technical challenges head-on
• Self-driven, likes to learn and be challenged
• Self-starter, self-motivated and able to work independently
• Performs with excellence as a team member or a team leader
This is a very senior position and presents a high potential for career and
professional growth.